Healthcare and Humanitarian Aid

Founder and President Nadia McConnell has maintained a  focus on Humariitarian Aid even before establishing the Foundation.On her very first trip to Ukraine in January 1990 as President of NKM & Associates she delivered 17 military duffel bags of  medicine and toys for Children of Chornobyl, Ridna Shkolas  (Ukrainian Saturday schools ) from  across the nation collected  donations.


Since its establishment, USUF Humanitarian Aid programs have worked with and supported the people of Ukraine, nourishing the growth and development of civil society in Ukraine.

Today, Ukraine is at war.  Because of the war, the USUF humanitarian programs take on even great urgency.  Our focus has been on the humanitarian crisis, the 1.5 million displaced people, wounded veterans, traumatized children, landmine victims, etc.

But by design, we are not just helping deliver aid, but also to help build internal organizational capacity to deal with the humanitarian aid which, due to the war thrust upon it, is now crucial.  True to our guiding principles our Humanitarian Aid programs are designed to both get aid in to the people and organization that need as well as to help foster internal capacity which can and will continue to provide ongoing assistance to the people of Ukraine far into the nation’s future.

In addition to our local presence and activities in Ukraine, USUF from Washington DC headquarters, works with our government and American NGOs and private organization which make up a critical part of our Humanitarian Aid Programs.



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