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Ukraine’s competitive 2019 presidential and parliamentary elections held with respect to fundamental freedoms and broadly reflecting the will of the voters have further demonstrated the commitment of the Ukrainian people to a democratic future.

In 2019, Ukrainian voters were clear about the direction of their nation and the serious challenges that need to be addressed by their government, including reinvigorating efforts to strengthen rule of law, combat corruption, strengthen and protect civil society and fulfill Ukraine’s Euro-Atlantic aspirations.

The election results provide Ukraine’s new leadership and the Ukrainian people with an unprecedented opportunity to strengthen democracy and address these challenges. We urge President Zelenskyy and the new government and Rada to carry out reform commitments and seize this opportunity to advance Ukraine’s democracy and accelerate its integration with the European Union and NATO.

A democratic, secure and prosperous Ukraine continues to be in the national security interest of the United States, European Union and international community. Ukraine continues to receive strong bipartisan support in Washington and from European and international partners.

Thanks to the dynamic role of Ukrainian civil society since the Maidan, and the dedication of reformers, Ukraine has made significant progress in the last five years to stabilize its economy, carry out democratic reforms and counter Russia’s war of aggression. We applaud that effort. However, Ukraine must guard against anti-corruption backsliding that occurred over the past year, as pointed out by Ukraine’s partners, including the United States.  Ukraine’s new leadership has an opportunity to dispel these concerns and reinvigorate Ukraine’s commitment to implement democratic reforms and address entrenched corruption that has held back Kyiv’s Euro-Atlantic progress.

As Russia continues to wage war against Ukraine it is increasingly important in 2019 and beyond that the United States, European Union and other partners of Ukraine step up efforts to strengthen Ukrainian democratic and economic resilience. This includes reinforcing Ukrainian civil society’s fight against corruption and partnering with Ukraine to build a robust democracy with strong institutions, political parties and independent media — all necessary in a healthy and vibrant democracy. Continuing on the reform path, especially in the area of rule of law, will benefit Ukraine’s democracy, economy, security and independence. Failure to do so only benefits Moscow.


Jonathan Katz, Co-Chair (German Marshall Fund)

Orest Deychakiwsky, Co-Chair (Former Senior Policy Advisor, US Helsinki Commission)

Adrian Karmazyn, Vice Chair (Former Voice of America Ukrainian Service Chief)

Tania Chomiak-Salvi (Former Deputy Coordinator, International Information Programs, US Department of State)

Jaroslav Dutkewych (Former Peace Corps Ukraine Director)

David J. Kramer (Former Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights and Labor)

Stephen Nix (International Republican Institute)



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